Ray's Personal Musings

Many of my friends and family have always encouraged me to place parts of my personal musings and other writings on the internet, and they're constantly amazed that I, a professional webmaster, never joined the mad fray to have a "personal" homepage. Consider this a way of appeasing them. ;)

We have a new family member! Our lovely daughter, Alyssa, was born July 21st, 1998. We're smitten. You will be too, when you go to her website!

  • Reckoning
    I look at my beautiful 16 month old daughter, flaming red-hair and dazzling blue eyes inherited from her Daddy, and watch her straddle in the front yard towards a tiny flower sprouting among the grass.
    December 16, 1999

  • Thank you, God.
    As I look upon photos of my darling Alyssa when she was less than a month old, I am bursting with love for her, and I now realize that I have God to thank for showing me how much more I can love one another...
    June 8, 1999

  • Choices
    As you know, life is full of choices. How you live your life depends on the choices you make, right? So, what kind of choices do you make? Here's mine.
    October 10, 1998

  • The Alpha IV Mission at Mars
    "Retro-thrusters engaged."
    June 23, 1998

  • A Flash of Blue, Red, and White
    The hot summer sun beat on the sidewalk mercilessly as I walked down the street to the local bookstore. It was the 4th of July and despite the many activities going on throughout the day, I had nothing to do, nor did I feel up to anything but getting lost in a good cool book about Alaska.
    June 23, 1998

  • Beating Teen
    The teenager across the street is beating the mother again and yelling to all that hear his greatness and her wrongs...
    June 23, 1998

  • Ignorance is Bliss?
    Recently, I was going through my old files and stumbled upon this old diary entry about a sad memory from 18 years ago.
    April 28, 1998

  • Goodbye, Steven
    I say goodbye to a dear, long time friend of mine.
    January 20, 1998

  • A Profound Birthday
    Upon turning 30, I look inward and know that I'm happy.
    October 21, 1997

  • Artistic Meanderings:

    • "DreamSet" - The name is derived from "Sunset". It's a type of sunset that I conjured up that can happen in your dreams, if you dare to unleash yourself within...

    • "New Worlds" - This is an imaginary rendering of how new worlds are formed -- the globules you see are expanding out from the heavenly and firey melting pot of all creation...

    • "SmokeStar" - A cloudy, smoky bubble star with a shining cross embedded within. What do you feel when you view it? I'll post thoughts here - email me below.

    • Doorway - Where does this doorway lead to?

  • Photographs that were taken and developed by me:

    • Roadkill Perspective - Now we know what it's like to be under the wheels at that fateful moment.

    • Censhorship - I have strong feelings against censorship, and I tried to portray them here.

    • Chairs - I just happened to find these chairs placed in a circle close to one another while folks were cleaning the floors and thought it would make for an interesting shot.

    • Glass Doorways - Beyond these stained glass doors lie gentle waters beckoning...

    • Old Car - This is a rear view shot of one of those famous Hudson automobiles that changed the car industry, and here it lies, glory days past.

    • Waterfall - This waterfall is only a foot long, yet it evokes a feeling of peace and calmness. Maybe we should realize that the small and sometimes insignificant things in life are often the most beautiful.

If you have any thoughts or comments, feel free to email me at my personal address: ray@hinesfamily.com. I promise to respond, unlike many on the web. ;)

As much as I hate having to say this due to nefarious elements out there, I must let you know that all contents of this site, both written, photographic, and artistic, are Copyright © 1998 by Raymond Lewis Hines III. Just ask if you'd like to use anything, first.