June 23, 1998

Beating Teen

This is an old poem I wrote in high school ('86) for a poetry contest. We were to find a poem by a favorite author of ours and then rewrite the poem, using our own words but keeping the concept. I was assigned this poem, and while I didn't like the subject, I did the best I could and this poem was part of a porfolio that won awards for me in high school. Thought I'd share it with you. Just rest assurred it is completely fiction and not based on anything real or otherwise.

The teenager across the street
is beating the mother again
and yelling to all that hear
his greatness and her wrongs.

Wildly she crashes through the kitchen
pleads in the living room
while he in spite of druggedness
pursues and corners her.

He beats and beats the pleading
mother 'til the gun falls
out his hand. Her tears are a waterfall
to wound like memories.

My head beaten bad
by a gun, the fighting struggle
to stay free, the blows, the fear
worse than blows that drugged.

Words could bring, the face that I
no longer knew or loved...
well, it is over now, it is over,
and the woman weeps in her house.

And the teenager leans dazed on
the wall, worn out, purged--
avenged in part for lifelong hidings
he has had to bear.