June 8, 1999

Thank you, God.

Dear Lord God,

After going over some "old" photos of our darling baby Alyssa from when she was just born, my heart just filled with such an outpouring of love for the tiny little life we held in our hands.

God, I've never known or felt that kind of special love that's reserved for dear, innocent children. It is such a fulfilling kind of love, one that expands the capacity of my heart beyond boundaries ever known.

Now I know what it truly is like to be a parent. It is such a special honor of the highest order in one's life. It is because we have come together, You and I, to create a beautiful, perfect human being. As You've said so often, God, creating is one of the best things a soul can do, because it is creating everlasting love, all in your image.

Now I truly see how you do Your work. It's all in the name of Love. I can see how it can encompass and envelope all who surround our little child, for she and all other children are truly your angels bringing together people and letting the love flow. I can see how it can flow forth for generations and generations as our children bear children of their own and reinforce our love as grandparents and so on into eternal life.

God, by giving us a child you have made us more human than ever. We now glow with passion never felt before, all for our little child. This is the kind of love we never want to let go of, and it is the kind of love we want to share with everyone else because you have given us the greatest gift in the world -- a child, and so we shall share her with the world, and thus spread love throughout.

Thank you so much, God, for blessing us with such a beautiful, loving child. Our child is now teaching us what love is really about and showing us the unlimited capacity of our loving hearts. Really, God, when we look into our child's eyes, we see in her, You. Because that is what you are all about.

Thank you so much, and we love you, God.